Mar 8, 2014

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State of the Union (of Brie)

I’ve been radio silent for a few weeks now, but it’s because things have been busy, and good.

Firstly, this has been the first week of the NASA Systems Engineering course. Being able to take part in this has been super exciting. Adam also linked to this Caltech Science of the Solar System course that’ll start at the end of the month which I’ve just signed up for. I’m excited to see what I’ll get out of these as they are structured like normal classes, with quizzes and a final and the ability to pass or fail. I’m hoping that as I’m hunting down internships, it’ll be a nice thing to throw onto my resume for related coursework.

Secondly, this last Monday I got to visit Agilent Technologies with my engineering class; it was an amazing experience. We were there after hours and had four different guides for different parts of their building(s) on a tour that lasted well over an hour. I only really understood about 10% of what they talked about, but it was so fascinating. A lot of the other students were annoyed about how long the tour took (it went over the end of our class by about 40 minutes) but I wish we could have stayed longer.  It was a lot of walking though, they have four building that are extremely large with varying floor levels. I think I might have walked two miles following the guides around.

Thirdly, my first math test was a couple of weeks ago, I got a 91%, and though that is still an A, I felt ashamed that the mistakes I made were easily avoidable; classically I was just moving too quickly. However, the instructor keeps insisting that this is the hardest test of the class, that this is the one that people do the worst on. I find it hard to believe, but hope that it will prove to be true.

Fourthly, I’m almost at the end of the table drafting course. It’s been a lot of fun, but this couple of weeks we’ve moved into the AutoCAD lab to start exploring the program, and then after spring break I’ll start the actual AutoCAD class. I did really well on our first project which was just basically exploring the controls of the program. I finished it in less than 10 minutes, and then spent the next 10 helping my poor lost classmate.

Fifthly? I lots to do. I have an essay due on Monday and lots of reading plus other projects and math homework… But, today was nice, it was my brother’s birthday and we walked the Golden Gate bridge and then had Extreme Pizza for lunch. I had a headache from my moment of waking though and it just grew and grew, so after we finally got home I took some more meds and crawled into bed to try to nap it off. It was successful and I was able to get together with my Qwerty crew for delicious homemade tacos/burritos.

Everything is Awesome!

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