Jan 15, 2014

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Spring Semester ’14 – First Week

Monday was the beginning of my second semester and the start of the courses that will count towards my engineering degree.

It was a good day.

I left the house only mildly frantic and had to run back inside after starting my car because I thought I had forgotten my phone ( which turned out to be in my pocket).

But I got up to my second alarm, actually ate some food, and had time to do my hair and put on a little bit of make up; clearly my day was set up to go well.

The hour and a half long drive went quickly and I got to the campus with plenty of time to find my first class.

This year the majority of my classes are in one building which is large and has a confusing room arrangement – I had to wander a bit before finding it. Like a sheep though I took the cue of everyone else standing around outside (thinking the door was locked) and felt silly when the teacher came by right at 9 and turned the handle.

My first class was Applied Technology. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but got really excited when I found out it was drafting. So far I breezed through a visualization exercise and am working on a lining project which is fun and interesting. The second half of the semester will be working with the drafting program on a computer, but I love the manual work.

After ApTech I had some time for lunch then moved on to this semesters math course which is College Algebra. With everything that I want to achieve, I feel silly that I’m so far behind in my math sequence, but I have to follow the steps. It was a short class though, just going over the syllabus and the like, and then today was just about figuring out how to use TI calculator.

After Math I had another short break for dinner and went to Engineering 10, and introductory course. They had us sit in groups at circular tables, we talked about the syllabus and rules and also did a couple of “getting to know you” exercises. There’s going to be a lot of forced interaction and group projects in this class, which sucks, but fortunately for me I’m pretty good at forcing it.

Immediately after Engineering I had to run over to another building for English, which… is English. I enjoy writing, and it looks like there will be a fair amount of that (as well as a ton of reading), but again, more group projects to come.

Today I had ApTech and Math again, but Speech instead of English and Engineering. I had a 4 hour break after Math and killed time watching Greys Anatomy and browsing the web, but Speech… Man that is a class I was not looking forward to.

It started off with the sylabus and class conduct emailed a few nights before, where the first rule of the conduct was that students were not allowed to leave the classroom once class started for any reason or else they woud be marked half an absense. As in, no going pee or getting a drink of water.

How ridiculous is that? What are we, in kindergarten?

For some reason I got the idea that the instructor was a crotchety old lady, but its this middle aged guy who speaks like a cross between bill engval and clinton, chews gum, wears snakeskin cowboy boots, and is kind of a loud obnoxious dick.

I was also informed that we wouldn’t be doing strait up speeches, but there would be a group project, and three arguements where we would have to pretend to be in a situation such as a coach giving an inspiring speech before a game, or speaking to coworker etc. Truly, I would rather just lecture.

Thankfully this is a once a week class.


All in all, I’m really excited about this semester and continuing my journey.

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