Jan 3, 2014

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Semester in Review

My first semester is over and I rocked it.


semester 1 grades


After finals were over and grades started coming in I kept having nightmares about getting Cs, or that even though it said I got an A, it would change at the last minute.

It’s official though, I’ve got a 4.0 for the semester!


Spring semester starts on the 13th and I’ve been taking my winter break to completely relax, enjoy my family, and stay up nearly every evening marathoning Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix ’till 4am.

After this weekend I’m going to get my shit together though; start the semester with an organized and clean pallet, with an empty laundry pile and a clear desk, maybe even vacuum a little.


I’m also hoping to do a lot of cooking and photographing to get ahead on our Qwerty Cafe schedule. It would be nice to have a little stockpile of recipes to choose from again.

Next semester will be a lot more work than this previous one, which will be good as I could use a little added pressure.



It’s only 15 units in total, which is one less than last semester, but it’s one class more. I’m also starting an Engineering course, and Applied Technology. It will finally feel like part of the path to my goal.









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