Jun 27, 2017

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Oliver [Poem] Creative Writing 101 – Journal 1

Oliver [Poem] Creative Writing 101 – Journal 1

Grade: A

Comments:Wonderful! It’s very hard to write poems about pets without it coming across as too sentimental or cliche, but you manage it well here. …”


My little toaster strudel

My blueberry muffin

My perfectly toasted

My golden god

My little stinker

My love,  my heart

The ray of sun

Holding our house together

Where is my Nobel Prize

For I have discovered

A perpetual energy machine

You’ve learned a lot

From your friends in the park

Mostly how to bark

In my face

While I’m sleeping

While I’m working

“Walk” you shout

I explain with patience

We just took a walk

When you sleep

I kiss you

I do not shout

The technical term

I smooch you

Velvet lips

Satin ears

Silken tum-tum

Even when you dream

You shout

Little shouts

Through closed velvet lips

It builds up

Truth bursts out

Sometimes I shout


I love you

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