Feb 10, 2014

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Oh man…

So, the week before last was pretty full. There was a lot of homework and things that needed doing, but I pulled through. This week was less full, but there was still a lot going on.

Tomorrow we have a guest speaker in Engineering that  I had to prepare questions for, and I’m currently working on an architectural layout for drafting which has been fun.

I’ve got my first math test two Monday’s from now, and I’m excited to see how that goes; over all I’ve been feeling pretty confident.

Speech is still annoying me, inexplicably. Wednesday I have to turn in nine different scenarios where I might give a speech or presentation; more difficult than not coming up with them.

English is also annoying me, but that’s mostly because there’s someone in my class who was in my English class last semester, and he’s particularly bothersome.

I’m thinking that English and Speech are so terrible for me right now, is because they don’t feel science-y or math-y enough. Like, they don’t connect enough to my major. I’m hoping to get some other humanities out of the way by doing them via online courses this summer. I’m hoping that’ll be an option.

I’m avoiding feeling overwhelmed or too tired so far (though other things have kept me up late this weekend), and having classes only two days a week is keeping me from loathing my commute.

Things are good. I’m happy. I love school, and I’m so excited about my future.

Also, this…

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