Oct 1, 2013

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Introductions Can Wait

So, I was hoping to have at least two posts in the month of September. Clearly I’m either a failure or I got really busy really fast. It’s the later, I swear.

… Mostly.

I’m a third of the way into my first semester and I’m finding that any moment I’m not physically at school, studying, or doing homework, that I don’t really want to do anything at all. I know that there is a balance, but I’m till searching for it.

I have, in the last couple of weeks, managed to do all my laundry and keep  my room mostly clean, so I’ve got that going for me.

Having a schedule over at Qwerty helps make me keep up with those posts, but there’s still a certain amount of procrastination involved.

I had a lot of plans for this weekend, homework to get on top of, papers and posts to write, do some more Mass Effect streaming, ect. But, then I got sick. It was kind of a sneak attack. Saturday was particularly terrible. I ended up completely forgetting to finish an online homework work book for my German class before it was automatically submitted.


I emailed my professor right away on Sunday and I got an extension, however, the catch that I would discover the next was that all of the questions I had already completed would be wiped and I would have to do everything again.

That was pretty disheartening but I managed to power through and then rewarded myself with a couple of hours of FFIV.

Besides for German my courses this semester are Astronomy, College Algebra, and English. All together 16 credits.

It’s a full load but because my commute is about 50 miles one way I managed to condense my courses into two days a week.

So on Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave the house at 7 am and don’t get home until 10 pm.

I’m fortunate that the classes are arranged in such a way that I have a pretty good break during both lunch and dinner. I’m able to eat, make it to the other campus, and do some homework.

On the other days of the week I do my homework, study, house stuff, and apply for jobs. I’m trying to find work that will have a flexible schedule, but no such luck yet.

I’m trying to not freak out about money and not having a job, but I have a feeling that it’ll be freak out time very soon.

However, having such a clear goal and having my educational desires fulfilled is helping stem that flood.

  1. Keep on keeping on!

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