Jun 3, 2014

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The semester is over and the grades are in!

spring14 grades


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Yay, me!

I can finally relax a little, until the 16th when next semester starts.

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I ruined the first couple of weeks of my summer vacation though.

When I finished my last couple of finals, I immediately came down with the flu and it’s had me out of the commission until now.

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Even though I had to work this weekend, I finally felt up for doing a little housework today.

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But, less productive. I kinda just moved things around, and make slightly more organized piles.

Oh! I did change my sheets and make my bed though! I’m so fancy.

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I’m all ready for next semester though!

I’ve only got two classes, one online and one I’ll need to drive up to Santa Rosa four days a week.

I’m taking:

cs10 math27


With work the other three days a week, this summer is looking to be super busy. I guess it’s also going to carry on into the fall since I’m going to be taking like a million credits and won’t be able to break them down into only two days again.

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