Jul 6, 2017

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Garbology [Prose] Creative Writing 101 – Journal 3

With an exasperated grunt the crumpled piece of paper flew to join its compatriots in the waste bin next to the old oak desk. It rested as temporary king of the hill on top of others of its kind with different amounts of the first draft hidden on their insides. Among its peers was a large bottom-shelf plastic vodka bottle, empty, and taking up much of the space. Along with the bottle were the largest shards of a shattered glass tumbler; the smaller pieces resting feet away inside the bag of a hand vacuum that was a very practical holiday gift ten years ago.

The crumpled ball managed to save its spot at the top of the pile as it rebounded the approach of another piece of paper viciously tossed its way. Though, the force of this interaction jostled the bin’s delicate balance, sending minute shockwaves through its contents and knocking an old brown banana peel to the floor which had previously been clinging to the lip. Two empty blue ballpoint pens also slid further down the inside of the bin inching closer to the sticky gum-littered base. Their tips stopped short resting on the shredded squares of various receipts dating from the last three months and one expired coupon for a 50% off massage at a local spa; another practical gift this time gone unused. Last, but most numerous in the bin were the cigarette cartons, American Spirit, yellow, that filled in the spaces between vodka bottle, crumpled paper, and the base.

Another balled up piece of A4 flew at the bin and unseated the ball at the top. Knocked over the side it rolled for only a second before coming to rest against the dusty eggshell white baseboard unlikely to move again for months.

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